We have a few things in common so thought I'd 'follow' you here. I work with Peter Bradley Adams and Kat Maslich-Bode (eastmountainsouth) and wanted to thank you for being a fan and helping artists by your posts. Kat has her long-awaited 1st solo CD "The Road of 6" coming out on November 16, but I wanted to give you a free download of her song 'March" now at www.misharamusic.com
If you like it, feel free to share it with your friends. Thanks again!


Thank you for the follow, I’ve unfortunately let my tumblr fall idle for the past month or so but it is great to hear that you work with PBA.  I’m a longtime fan of easmountainsouth and I love both of the music they are producing now.  I will most definitely share her new song with my friends and fellow music lovers.  


You Remind Me Of Something (The Glory Goes)
Bonnie 'Prince' Billy
Lie Down In The Light

these are two things we’ve all loved at some point…ben folds and the postal service.  this cover has incredible instrumentation, and its always fun to hear someone’s interpretation of such a monumental song.

filmed by the good folks at npr during this year’s sxsw festival, this display of freelance whales’ ‘generator first floor’ is nothing less than breathtaking.

the cello has always been one of the most haunting instruments in my opinion, and ben sollee has found a new way to capture the beauty in those four strings. this one is titled ‘try.’

motopony-king of diamonds.

and those were the days of roses, poetry and prose
and martha all i had was you and all you had was me.
there was no tomorrows, we’d packed away our sorrows
and we saved them for a rainy day.
tom waits-martha

as we are slowly rolling out of summer and into fall, this song seems to fit.  with a voice weathered by whiskey and cigarettes carrying painfully beautiful lyrics, and of course the banjo, i cant stop listening to william elliott whitmore’s ‘dry.’ 

I won’t ever sit down and write unless something is knocking at the door. I can go months without writing a song—and that’s when it gets scary, when you feel like you’re never going to write another song because they’re just not coming around.
Ray LaMontagne (via iwasapostcard)

ari picker, a songwriter from chapel hill on a bit of a mission: take a pinch of the brilliance found in classical music and mix it with his own. this is elegantly woven into the music in which he brings out of lost in the trees.  this captures a wonderfully set ‘walk around the lake.’

this one is from dan auerbach of the black keys. though it doesn’t align with his career within the black keys, its great to hear a wonderful song that doesn’t require the distorted backing of his well known music.  this is called ‘goin home,’ and after listening, i’m sure thats how you will feel.

i was fortunate enough to see ra ra riot in los angeles this past week, and i was incredibly impressed.  their ability to blend a cello into emotionally strung vocals and indie beats was outstanding.  this is an acoustic version of their song ‘can you tell.’

its incredible that three people can sit in a basement studio and draw as much beauty out as cotton jones does in ‘gone the bells.’ for any colorado followers, they’ll be playing 8.20 at the high dive in denver…carpool?

i’ve been playing today’s pick on repeat and it has yet to get old. this is the low anthem, playing ‘this god damn house.’ take note of the instrumentation utilized at the end of the song…